Brian McGee - Open and Accessible!
Experienced leadership dedicated to delivering consistent results for Henry County residents.

Brian McGee's career toward becoming sheriff began in Toledo, Ohio.


Raised by God fearing parents along with three sisters and a brother, Brian understood and always knew he wanted to "Protect and Serve" his fellow citizens. After graduating Roger High School in 1986, Brian joined the military and enlisted in the United States Army where he served for several years until his Honorable Discharge - receiving disabled veteran status in 1991.

Brian McGee is a retired captain with the Fulton County Sheriff's Office after 28 years of law enforcement. Leading several community outreach efforts. Most notable, as commander of the Community Outreach Section where he spearheaded and created many programming options including the monthly Youth Intervention Program; nationally known through its publicity on A&E's Beyond Scared Straight, and establishing First Citizens Academy, whose sole purpose was educating and informing citizens of their rights, public safety training sessions and function of the Fulton County Sheriff's Office.

Through his position, Brian McGee has been a continued community servant - contributing much of his time to youth programming and development opportunities throughout as community resource officer within a local school system, speaking to students on the importance of making informed decisions, providing wisdom and insightful guidance. 


As Sheriff of Henry County, Brian McGee is committed to upholding the rule of law while ensuring everyone is treated with the dignity and respect each is deserved. He is committed towards working to continuously improve our community, ensuring each residents voice is heard within his jurisdiction. Brian McGee values these standards and is committed to Henry County. 

Brian McGee spearheads youth intervention program development

Captain Brian McGee, commander of the Community Outreach Section of the Fulton County Sheriff's Office,  created the monthly Youth Intervention Program that gained national attention on A&E Beyond Scared Straight CLICK HERE!

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Brian McGee leads community training sessions, informing citizens

As commander of the Community Outreach Section, Captain Brian McGee presented to citizens safety and training sessions with Fulton County Public Safety and Sheriff Ted Jackson CLICK HERE!

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Captain Brian McGee helps establish first Citizens Academy, a seven-part course to educate residents about the functions of the Sheriffs department. CLICK HERE!

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Brian McGee helps create Citizens Academy, educates residents

Brian McGee speaks to media in regards to shooting suspect status

Captain Brian McGee updates community on the status of wanted shooting suspect. CLICK HERE!

Brian McGee speaks to local teens, providing insightful guidance and a listening ear

Sheriff Captain Brian McGee gives 'tough love' to help guide troubled students. 


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